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Delfin connector makes marketing automation software accessible to everyone. Combining a website, the Google module, social media marketing, a good CRM and the conversion module, it is marketing automation software that is very easy to use. The integration between a good dynamic database and automated lead campaigns is the base for e high quality results in lead generation of this marketing automation software.

In addition to the website and webshop, you can use the google module to be better found. The communication module is a prime example of marketing automation software. Messages you can plan in advance, and can even entire campaigns. These messages and campaigns can also transfer the markteing automation software Delfin connector employees and business partners. They can share the messages with the push button on their own timelines and mail to their clients.
Depending on the responses, you can send more automated emails to your customers, so they always and everywhere have an overwhelming service from you. Delfin connector marketing automation software. There's no better.



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