What is Marketing automation

What is Marketing automation - delfin-connector

Marketing automation means helping prospects in the procurement process by automating relevant content with the aim of increasing lead conversion. Marketing automation can be divided into 3 main activities: building (digital) profiles, setting up relevant campaigns, and converting and prioritizing leads. Marketing automation is especially suitable for B2B organizations or B2C organizations selling products and / or services with a longer purchase cycle than an FMCG. (Source: Marketing Facts)

Delfin Connector enables you to manage and control all parts of marketing automation from a tool.
By sending a message about all social media, you make the most of the social network around you. Your network responds, and of course, it is stored in the digital customer profiles. You can automate and email your contacts based on jun profiles. The conversion can be monitored, so you have the complete picture about leads, conversions, sales, and impact of your marketing campaign.

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