Dynamic newsletters

Email marketing acquires an increasingly prominent place in the marketing and communications mix of many companies and organizations. It's cheap, targeted and provides a relatively high response. Email is finally long been an accepted and widely used communication tool.

Delfin Connector® gives every user the opportunity to create his personal newsletter. This will win the magnetic force new customers and builds loyalty with existing customers with personalized communications.

Sending newsletters with dynamic response measurement

Email marketing allows you to communicate one on one with your target audience. But how do you introduce email marketing within your organization? You have thereby an instrument is needed that includes all the functionality to access targeted and possibly based on interests your audience (s). Delfin Connector® herein provides the solution!

Cost effective

Marketing costs of your organization will be greatly reduced. Mailings from the past are not lost because they are stored in your archive that enables reuse. Partly because you send within minutes, at very low cost, full mailing to thousands of respondents.

User friendly

Delfin Connector® is extremely user friendly. In a clear menu it gives you quick and convenient access to all functions. With each mailing goes through a number of steps whereby quality and professionalism is ensured at all times.

Reliable, secure and fast!

Customer information is extremely valuable to your organization! Delfin Connector® will therefore be extremely careful with this information. Your personal application is protected by a unique password and username, this is only you have access to the file. Delfin Connector® runs on stable, secure servers that are backed up several times a day. Reliability, security and speed are some key features of Delfin Connector®

Albert Zeeman


The newsletter that we as Foundation Parlandi now with Delfin Connector®, really takes no more than an hour a newsletter. Transmit, publish, etc. is all automated. Delicious!

--Albert Zeeman

Business Innovator