Delfin Connector® opportunities

There are several ways to use the Delfin Connector and the support we offer: for your website, social media and email marketing, internal communications, google, action marketing, etc.

Overall strategic internet application

Of course we advise you to use all the integrated modules. This solution works best together for the best possible result. This means that we tailor make the Delfin Connector® for you and link to your website. The one-off costs are depending on your current website.

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Training through webinars or at your location

You will learn the five different modules via the scheduled webinars. This way of educating makes interaction possible, while limiting training costs and training time. Of course it is also possible that we can come to provide training in company.

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Communication module

It is also possible to use the communication module separately. This can be useful if you want to use it for internal communication, without having to provide leads to your website. Sending relevant newsletters to customers will be done by your employees, while holding the central control and can set up messages.

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Actionmarketing Module

The action marketing module is also sold separately. This can be useful if you'd like to use your own website and no separate actions can be handeled. We put a special campaign site for you, attach it to your social media and to your customer management module, and in no time you will have your database of your customers' data available to encourage repeat purchases. So easy can generate traffic to your store.

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Implementation consultant

If you want a quick start with the Delfin Connector® while you'd pay full attention to your work, then it is wise to hire an implementation consultant Delfin for a short time. This ensures that the Delfin Connector® technically going to work the way you want it to go to work.


Content consultant

Of course, also the Delfin Connector® needs content in order to function. News, new things, offers, newsletters, marketing campaigns; They may all be fabricated, be prepared and placed in the connector. This you can do by yourself, but sometimes it is useful to hire someone. The content consultant ensures the right photos, texts, google pages, call-to-action or advertisements within the limits you. You use marketing knowledge and do not own to reinvent the wheel.