Delfin Connector® is software as a service.
This means that you do not need to purchase the software, but is charged on a subscription basis for use. Setting up your personal environment is a one-time investment in your future success.

One-off costs

The one-off costs depend on your current website. The more complicated it is, the more expensive the one-time start-up costs. This rate also includes helpdesk support, so you can safely start using the Delfin Connector. Of course we will hereby assume that you have followed our workouts.

The website for the Actiemarketing module is available from EUR 950, -

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Monthly costs

Delfin Connector® is available from EUR 200 per month.
The communication module is available from EUR 120 per month.
The Action marketing module is available from EUR 250 per action, with a duration of up to 2 months.
Your personal rate is dependent on the integration with other key business processes as your accounting, stock control, etc. These costs are calculated in order to maintain the Delfin Connector® links, to be able to develop and to man the help desk.

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Cost per user per month

The cost per user are dependent on the number of users which is going to make use of the Delfin connector and the communication module. The minimum number of users is two and there is no maximum.

from to Userfee per month from to Userfee per month
2 10 EUR 10,00 201 500  EUR 7,00 
11 25 EUR 9,50 501 1000 EUR 6,00
26 50 EUR 9,00 1001 2000 EUR 5,00
51 100 EUR 8,50 2001 5000 EUR 4,00
101 200 EUR 8,00 meer dan 5000 EUR 3,00
Among users we mean users with a login code. Inactive users with a login code thus users.

Helpdesk support Costs

In normal use, we expect no help desk costs. Our experience is that it utilizes the helpdesk heavier at the start of the use once you're used to working with the Delfin Connector®. If you realize you followed the practices of Delfin Connector is using for yourself. Normally, is the help desk so just your subscription rate. During the start-up period we charge EUR 1, - per minute if your helpdesk exceeds five hours per month.

Cost of training

The training for the Delfin connectors are provided via webinars. That saves us a lot of travel time and allows you to look back training again. In addition, it provides focus on the subject. There is interaction during a webinar, which you can express your personal questions.
Per person we charge EUR 15 for each webinar.
If you follow all the webinars you fully trained for EUR 90.
Of course, it is also possible to provide training in a house to a group of users. The costs amount to EUR 495 per session excluding travel and accommodation.

Support costs

The cost for an implementation consultant is EUR 95 per hour
The cost for a content consultant at EUR 95 per hour

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All the above charges are exclusive of VAT, excluding travel and accommodation expenses and excluding any training materials. Price changes are reserved.


Calculation example 1

Eric's website is quite complicated. He has quite a number of pages and there are some strange links in the website. Eric comes with 2 people using the Delfin Connector and they both follow the training. Eric then can himself going and he has only occasionally helpdesk occasionally necessary.

Part Costs per Year
one off costs EUR 1.500 EUR   1.500
training EUR    180 EUR      180
monthly fee EUR    200 EUR   2.400
userfee EUR      20 EUR      240  
Investment year 1   EUR   4.320
Investment year 2   EUR   2.640
Additional turnover from conversion module   EUR 45.320

Calculation example 2

The Biva Ltd. is large. This franchise chain with 25 outlets did a lot with social media marketing and sometimes monthly fees for running Facebook and Google Adwords to more than EUR 4,000 per month. On average they spent EUR 3,750 per month in 2015 to it.
Biva Ltd. has 250 employees and the marketing department has five people strong.

Part Costs per year
one off costs EUR 4.000 EUR     4.000
- marketing department  EUR    475 EUR        475
- others (communication module) EUR 3.675 EUR     3.675
monthly fee EUR    200 EUR     2.400
userfee EUR 1.750 EUR   21.000
Implementation consultant (5 day) EUR 3.800  EUR     3.800
Content consultant (5 day) EUR 3.800 EUR     3.800
Investment year 1   EUR   39.150
Investment year 2   EUR   23.400
reduction in marketing ads   EUR   30.000-
Additional turnover (conversion module)   EUR 337.530