Messages distributed at once

Delfin Connector® enables corporate marketing have full control over your brand via one central source. Control over content, online channels and a consistent brand experience is the key and foundation for online success.


Sharing your messages via your employees or partners enables you to convey very personal and direct content to your audience.

Publish easy and intuitive

Delfin Connector® is very easy to use. It's intuitive and efficient to use. The interactive layout and web-based way of working, the system is designed both for content managers and marketers as well as for users / employees.

A central source for content

The central source for creation and storage of content reduces your work immediately: once to produce and publish in many locations. These can be pages on websites, social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter but also on personal blogs. The central source of content guarantees a uniform brand experience, coupled with unmatched capabilities.

Types of content

Delfin Connector® supports many types of content, including text, images, audio and video. In addition, the use of open standards ensure that any links to your own systems like CRM are very possible.

Stable and secure

Websites that are of strategic importance require a stable and secure online platform. With a proven proven Delfin Connector® stable architecture and certified by leading parties and are very safe and stable application.

Robert Snel

Rabobank Drechtsteden

The successful companies of the future succeed to send messages at the right time on the solutions that its customers are waiting for. With Delfin Connector® we put Rabobank as a huge step forward to perform in a professional fashion editors and entice customers in an efficient manner.

--Robert Snel

Manager Communicatie